Value Statement for Southwest Iowa Realtor Members

Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS®

Vision Statement

REALTORS® unified in service excellence.

Mission statement:

We exist to help our members be more successful in real estate.


We offer a wide range of FREE and reduced price classes to help you satisfy your continuing education requirements. We have entertained members with National speakers such as Danielle Kennedy, Rick DeLuca, David Knox and Terry Murphy & Jerry Rossi. Educational opportunities are also available at our board office library, featuring publications, videos and books. New for 2020: Membership Enrichment Program. A reimbursement program for our board members to provide education opportunities and travel convention reimbursement. Contact Rhonda or a board representative for your application! 2020 Free Education opportunities for our membership! Be sure to take advantage of what your board is doing for you! Watch for sign up sheets and emails to register for classes! Spaces are limited! Classes are up on the calendar and will be updated regularly! FREE EDUCATION FOR OUR MEMBERS!


As a member, you have pledged to subscribe to the standards of business and ethical conduct found in the Code of Ethics. The Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS® promotes ethical conduct among its members. If there are complaints, the Grievance Committee reviews all written complaints, investigates and refers the possible violations to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing when appropriate. An Arbitration Hearing Panel reviews matters and can make decisions. This impartial hearing can eliminate expensive court litigation by inexperienced people.


The association publishes several flyers for important updates. Additional publications such as Hill Notes and Monthly Calendar of Events are available. is your association website and is also available to the public. The association website is your cyberspace resource center.


Members of the Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS® participate in the MLS. This computerized service compiles information about properties and is distributed to member companies electronically. This exposure is the key to selling fast and getting top dollar. The MLS review updates and changes to enhance and improve the database management software. The MLS provides an open forum for members to bring forward suggestions and concerns. The association provides FREE listing input and maintenance (Broker load is optional), weekly new listing report, monthly sales report, Internet Data Exchange and the NAR statistical report. Your listings are available on REALTOR.Com Internet website and updated on a daily basis.


On a minimum of a quarterly basis, the association provides a general membership breakfast meeting with a scheduled guest speaker from the community. This serves as a social function, a networking opportunity and it also brings us together to discuss industry issues. We review legislative initiatives, new technology and information to make your job easier. The association along with local sponsors holds an annual golf tournament to raise funds for a local charity. 2017 proceeds helped support our local Phoenix House, Make-A-Wish, and Dreamland Playground Re-Imagined. The members are invited to get acquainted at our annual REALTOR® picnic. The association recognizes outstanding leaders within our association at the annual REALTOR®-of-the-Year Inaugural banquet.

Become a Member

As a proud member of the Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS®, you are entitled to numerous benefits and services. We consider this a partnership of approximately 222 board members, 13 secondary board members, 195 MLS only subcribers and our 2 person staff to help you be successful in your business.

Board of Directors

The Governing body of the Association shall be a Board of Directors Consisting of the elected officers ~ President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Eight REALTOR Members of the Association.

Directors shall be elected to serve for terms of three (3) years except that at organization, one-third of the elective directors shall be elected for terms of one, two, and three years, respectively, or for such lesser terms as may be necessary to complete the first fiscal year. Thereafter as many directors shall be elected each year as are required to fill vacancies. The locally elected state director, other REALTOR members who hold a state elective office, and local chairman of the Multiple Listing Service and the President of the Women's Council, if not regular members of the Board of Directors under the provisions outlined above shall be ex-officio members of the directors without voting privileges. A member of the Board of Directors shall not be eligible for re-election to the same position on the expiration of his/her three (3) year term until after one (1) year. One person may hold only one (1) seat as a voting member of the Board of Directors. In the event of duplication, a vacancy shall be declared to exist and the directors shall fill the vacancy under the provisions of Section 5 of this Article.

Executive Committee

*President ~ Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, *President Elect ~ Lyndsay Schaben, *Secretary/Treasurer ~ Tina Polly , *Past President ~ John Dresher


Top Level - Finance

2020- Tina Polly, Chair - Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, President - Lyndsay Schaben, VP - John Dresher, Past President, Julie Eden, Paula Danker, Scott Wells, Dan Van Houten and Theresa Martin This committee shall consist of the Chairperson, who is the current Treasurer, Past Treasurer/Secretary, Past President, current President as Ex-officio, plus members at large as selected by the President-Elect. It shall be the duty of the committee, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, to supervise the finances of the Board, and prepare an annual budget. The finance committee has the authorization to invest the Board of Realtors money in an Institution.

Top Level - Multiple Listing Service

2020- Justin Williams Chair, Stephanie Bowden, Amy Haggstrom, Poppy Grove, Shawn Lake and Patti Wiggins This committee is to provide a forum for the discussing of problems encountered in the MLS Service and to ensure compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the MLS and the National Association of REALTORS. The committee shall consist of a Chairperson and five members at least one member shall be an Appraiser. All members of the committee shall be subscribers or participants of the Multiple Listing Service. Committee members shall serve three year terms. The committee shall select its chairperson from among the members thereof if one is not appointed by the President.

Intermediate Level - Education

2020 - Amy Haggstrom-Chair; Mindy Doebelin-PerdueThe primary function is to provide education programs to serve the needs of the members of the Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS. The committee will provide educational programs, research and supporting resources to enhance knowledge, proficiency, and professionalism in the real estate industry. Annual random audit of the new member orientation.

Intermediate Level - RPAC/My REALTOR Party Committee

2020- Jennifer Cook, Chair ~ John Dresher, Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, Lyndsay Schaben, Tina Polly, Theresa Ruby, Clint Brunow, Stephanie Bowden To monitor and recommend federal legislative and public policies affecting the real estate industry. To promote and support local, state and national legislative goals and policies and to encourage our members to become involved in all phases of political activity. Maintain an effective "in house" legislative lobbying program. Maintain a highly effective governmental affairs organizational authority which allows for rapid and competent responses to legislative and administrative proposals when immediate action is needed.This Committee is responsible in collecting RPAC dollars to be used at the Federal, State and Local level. Members serve a three-year term.

Golf Bash

2020- John Dresher, Chair, Paula Danker, Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, Lyndsay Schaben, Tina Polly, This Committee plans the RPAC Golf Bash, held the first Friday of June. REALTORS and Affiliate members can contribute to RPAC! Help raise funds for your local YMCA, Midlands Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity!


2020 - Scott Wells, Chair ~

Intermediate Level - Bylaws and Forms

2020 - BYLAWS and FORMS: This committee is charged with promoting membership in the Local Board. Encourage members awareness of and participation in benefits of Association involvement. This committee shall periodically review all official documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Policy Manual) so as to maintain compliance with the laws of the State of Iowa, the United States, the Iowa Real Estate Commission, and the rules and regulations governing the Iowa Association of REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS.

This committee is also charged with reviewing and making the proper changes on all Listing and Purchase Agreements and working with the Multiple Listing Committee on changes for the Data Forms. This committee must be looking into the future for other types of forms needed by the membership. (Such as Sellers Disclosure, Buyer Brokers, etc.)

Public Relations and Equal Opportunity/Fair Housing

2020 Public Relations - Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, Chair, Lyndsay Schaben, Tina Polly, Jennifer Cook The Public Relations Committee encourages continued public relations with the community and plans and promotes different projects. Examples; Special Olympics, Blood Drive, Children's Safety, March of Dimes, Red Ribbon Campaign, REALTOR Difference-PRIDE in Ownership. These types of public relations projects go a long way in enhancing members image among potential buyers and sellers.

2020 Fair Housing - Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, Chair

FAIR HOUSING MONTH (April) & Equal Opportunity During April, Fair Housing Month, the National Association of REALTORS join the HUD and other national fair housing groups in celebrating the anniversary of the Federal Fair Housing Act. It's a special time for REALTORS to show their continued commitment to fair, equal and available housing opportunity for all. To encourage the adoption and implementation of the Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement, and to encourage cooperation with governmental agencies that have the responsibilities of promulgation and enforcement of fair housing laws to ensure equal opportunity for all people.

Review NAR and IAR's ad campaigns for ideas to promote locally. Publicize good neighbor events that the committee chooses to get involved with locally in the community. Housing Opportunity Program - NAR has grant opportunities for local associations. Associations are encouraged to apply and submit grants.

Professional Standards/Grievance Committee

2020- Dan VanHouten, ChairThe function of the Grievance Committee is to make only such preliminary investigation and evaluation o the complint as required to determine whether validity and substance of the complaint warrants further consideration by a Hearing Panel. The Professional Standards Committee is not a "Court" nor is a hearing a "court" per se, but a Hearing panel renders peer judgements based on the merits of all ascertainable facts. This committee shall consit of a Chairman and at least nine members, each member to serve a three year term. It's very important to have members from a large variety of offices.

Committees Determined By Bylaws - Personnel

2020 ~John Dresher, Chair; Lyndsay Schaben, VP, Tina Polly, Secretary/Treasurer ~ Mbr. at Large ~ This committee shall consist of the Past President, Chairman, President Elect as Co-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and (2) Past Presidents (past presidents appointed by the current president). The committee is to meet not less than bi-annually. The committee is to review working conditions, staff needs, problems, and recommendations that affect orderly Board operations. This committee is responsible for hiring or replacing employees. This committee will review employees not less than annually. An employee evaluation report form must accompany all evaluations. This form is to be discussed with the employee by the Executive Officer who will then present any recommended salary changes to the Office Staff committee for final decision. The Executive Officer will be receive a written evaluation form completed by the Personnel Committee. The Chairman will present their final recommendation to the board of directors at their September meeting. Upon board approval the Chairman will meet with Executive Officer to report on the board's recommendations! All reports and recommendations for salary increases are to be made to the Board of Directors prior to the end of the third quarter.

Committees Determined by Bylaws - Nominating Committee

2020- John Dresher, Chair (Immediate Past President), Marge Leaders (Past Pres. 5 yrs.), Mark Hanwright (Past Pres. 3 yrs.), Lyndsay Schaben (President Elect), and ?? , Member ~ This committee reviews recommendations and nominates an outstanding slate of officers and directors for the coming year. Also, to nominate committee members for a state committee. The Chairperson of this committee shall be the immediate Past President, the committee shall consist of the President of three years past, the President of five years past (if either of these cannot serve, the Past President immediately proceeding him shall serve), President Elect, one member at-large. A member from the Nominating Committee can not nominate themselves to serve as director or chairman.

Committees Determined by Bylaws - Program Committee

2020- Lyndsay Schaben, President Elect ~ This committee is charged with providing speakers and programs for the membership quarterly breakfasts. The Vice President serves as chair of this committee.

Committees Determined by Bylaws - REALTOR® of the Year Committee

2020 - Paula Danker, Chair; Marge Leaders, Co-Chair, Past Recipients - Mike Allmon, Glen Tiessen, and Gary Fischer ~ This committee selects the REALTOR of the Year and presents the award at the Inaugural Banquet. This committee shall consist of the past five recipients, the chairperson shall be the immediate past recipient.

Strategic Planning

This committee consists of all Officers, Directors and Committee Chairperson, and is chaired by the President and Co-Chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer.

This committee provides direction for other Association committees, sets Board objectives, strategies and tactics, identifies opportunities and threats, and works to allocate resources effectively. The Committee will address the Mission Statement and General Objectives.

Social Action Teams - Inaugural/REALTOR of the Year Banquet

2020 - Stephanie Bowden, Chair; Chris Harter, Co-Chair This committee plans the Inaugural which is typicall held during December and presents awards to the outgoing President. The committee also allows time for the REALTOR of the Year plaque to be given. This committee starts meeting in the beginning of the year to secure a location.

Social Action Teams - Young Professional Network (YPN) and Social Events

2020 - Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, Chair; Lyndsay Schaben, Co-Chair - Jennifer Cook, Mark Hanwright and All Members Young and Young at Heart About YPN: The Future of the Real Estate Industry. YPN Mission: YPN helps young real estate professional excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: REALTOR Associations. Attend REALTOR conferences and pursue leadership roles with their local, state and national association. Real estate industry: Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issures; be informed about the latest industry news and trends. Peers: Network and learn fom one another by attending vents, participating in online communication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities. Community: Become exceptional members of their community by demonstrating a high level of REALTOR professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.

Annual Fun Event ~ This committee is also in charge of planning the annual picnic and/or other social events each year.

Board Operational Manual Ad-Hoc Committee

2020 Executive Team, Mindy Doebelin-Perdue, President ~ Lyndsay Schaben, VP, Tina Polly, Sec. Treas. This Committee will be responsible for reviewing the board operations manual; mindful of changes affecting the real estate industry.

Executive Officer


The Executive OFFICER is responsible for and has authority to accomplish the duties set forth below: Assist, serve and cooperate with the Board President, Officers and Directors. Assist all Board Committees. Shall see that committees function properly and in a timely fashion. Report to the Directors monthly on progress of all committees. Outline and accomplish an annual program of activities. Assist the Program Chairman in preparing programs. Assist in the preparation of agendas. Keep accurate records and minutes. The Executive Officer, in cooperation with the Program Chairman, will direct activities for the Board's monthly meetings. It will be the responsibility of the Executive Officer to see that each office receives a copy of the Director's meeting and the financial report as soon after the meeting as possible. The EO shall see that each office receives a copy of the Director's agenda prior to the monthly meeting. Organize staff work responsibilities. Keep members informed through publications, newsletters, etc. Respond to correspondence and maintain a reliable working filing system. Remit dues to State Association and the National Association. Be knowledgeable of the Board Constitution and Bylaws. Strictly adhere to the policy of the National Association of REALTORS and State Association of REALTORS and the By-Laws of the Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS, Inc. Keep informed of legal issues or precedents having a direct effect on the Board or its members. Fully cooperate with the Finance Committee and the Treasurer to develop, recommend and upon approval operate within an annual budget. Insure that all funds, physical assets and other property of the Board are appropriately safeguarded. Know and be acquainted with local public officials. Have an active interest in civic organizations and community betterment. Carry out other general responsibilities as may be delegated by the Officers and the Board of Directors. If delegated to attend any meetings of State or National nature, to report to the general membership on any pertinent information gained The Executive Vice President will be responsible for attending the regular monthly Board meetings. The Executive Officer will be fully informed on the operation of the computer in case of absence of the office secretary.

Accounting Representative & Admin.~ Brandy Danker

Purpose ~ Provide office services by implementing administrative systems, procedures, policies, and monitoring administrative projects. Work closely with the Executive Officer on special projects as assigned or needed. All Accounts Payable and Receivables.

The administrative assistants duties are, but not limited to ~ Daily

Weekly Duties or As Needed:

• Track "Branding" in Public Remarks • Set up/maintain members in Supra and assign/reassign "active" or "eKeys" • Record and mail RPAC contributions to the State and track via ARISTOTLE 360 • Process all new members with applications and assist with collecting their dues • Make a file on each new member and/or company • Continuously update the National REALTOR Database System (NRDS), FlexMLS, Excel Spread Sheet, Outlook, e-mail addresses, Supra, address labels, new, dropped, and transferred board, MLS only and affiliate members • Upkeep and maintenance of the database • Assist with keeping the Log-in Message and SWIAR FaceBook Page current; posting education and special events, etc. • Weekly safety tip emailed to all members (as time permits) • Prepare mailings as required

Monthly Duties:

Quarterly Duties:

• Attend the quarterly meetings and assist the Executive Officer with duties as assigned • New member orientation: send letters, follow up with e-mail and phone call •Prepare new member orientation packets • Do audits of member offices for Iowa licensed agents

Other Duties as Assigned

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